U.S. and Nevada law vest the power of eminent domain in government entities to condemn and acquire private property for public uses, such as the construction and expansion of roads, highways, flood control facilities, and utility lines.  Even with broad eminent domain powers, U.S. and Nevada Constitutions also protect landowners by guaranteeing just compensation be paid to all landowners who are dispossessed of their private property rights by a government entity using the power of eminent domain.

The team at LKG has substantial experience as eminent domain counsel for private property owners as well as condemning authorities.  The firm represents a variety of landowners with properties of all sizes—individuals, partnerships, businesses, landlords, and tenants—who engage the firm’s services to unlock our depth of experience. We have forged relationships with highly qualified appraisers, engineers, and real estate professionals to support just compensation claims. LKG has played a key role in the U.S. 95 Widening Project, Blue Diamond/SR-160 Widening Project, Project Neon, the Collman Project and the Pecos-Brooks Project, to name a few.

Moreover, the firm has represented its clients in numerous jury trials and has successfully settled and litigated cases with claims in excess of $60,000,000 on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Total taking of property
  • Partial taking of property
  • Temporary taking of all or part a property
  • Acquisition of an easement over all or part of a property
  • Taking of property rights through diversion of water flows
  • Severance damage to property after a taking
  • Condemnation of leasehold interests
  • Regulatory taking of property
  • Precondemnation damage to property
  • Inverse condemnation of property
  • Prejudgment interest awards
  • Recovery of attorney fees and costs